EntertainExecutives in Style

When your target audience is in the c-suite, securing time on their calendar may be difficult. Luxury suite events demonstrate that you understand how busy they are, and want to meet at an event that is worth their time.

Focused executive events will draw in your target audience, ensuring that their time is well spent, mingling with individuals who align with their business role and provide additional depth to their network.

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Increase Attendance by Expanding Your Guest List

If you need facetime with someone who has a busy schedule, consider giving your VIP’s a plus one for the event. By allowing your guest to share the event with their spouse or a member of their family, you are demonstrating an understanding of their day-to day and showcasing how important their attendance is to you.

Suite Tours allow you to turn a business meeting into an opportunity for your guest to be the hero and treat their significant other to an evening with their favorite artist or team.

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Dedicated Tour Manager

When you are tasked with booking a series of events throughout the country, chances are you don’t have time to speak individually with every vendor involved in the process. Our dedicated team of suite experts provides a single point of contact for all your events, allowing you to focus on your guests, not which catering package to order.

We’ll make sure that you have a high impact experience, from designing the easy to understand invitations to ordering the next round of drinks during the event.

Measure Impactful ROI

Strategically selecting your guest list allows you to focus on the customers with the highest impact on your business. The Suite Tour Invitation manager provides tools for ensuring your ideal guests are able to attend with customized questions during the registration process that you can follow up on later.

Paying attention to your guests responses, and following up with them as your continue to build rapport will generate quantitative data to measure event ROI upon.