Turn-keyEmployee Recognition

Impactful employee recognition programs focus on rewarding one of two things, performance or behavior. Setting goals and providing rewards based on the outcome is one of the most commonly used performance recognition plans. Offering a luxury suite experience as an incentive encourages your entire team to work together for the opportunity to share an event as a group.

Suite Tours enables you to foster an employee recognition program that breeds healthy competition throughout your company. Use our single point of contact solution to challenge teams in multiple markets to drive your business upwards and onwards.

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Gamify Your Goals

Well structured employee recognition will drive your team to pursue new accomplishments and increase employee engagement. Offering the opportunity to attend an event in a suite is a high value motivator that will push the entire team towards success. While financial rewards may initially push success metrics, increasing the value of the reward and theme of the event creates variety that will continue to incentivize behavior month after month and quarter after quarter.

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Strategic Event Management

Suite Tour’s dedicated corporate event expert will make running any number of events a streamlined experience. With an understanding of which catering can stretch your budget and the best events for your budget, we’ll help you create an employee recognition plan that will motivate and entertain your team.

Team Building with the Home Team

A change of venue can inspire employees to think outside the box and work more effectively as a team. Suite Tours makes mandatory trainings something the entire company will look forward to.

Do you need a space to meet prior to the start of the event? Not a problem! We can coordinate an in-venue event room with full AV access allowing you to complete an effective training before heading on to the main event. Ask about our recommendations for impactful training solutions to learn more about what trainings work best during a professional sporting event.