Strenghten YourPartner Network

Suite entertaining is a high impact way to bring your core customers, partners and vendors together in a single location, but channel strategies have evolved, with co-op dollars requiring extensive plans for managing spend and extracting results. Suite Tours provide a strategic solution for strengthening your partner network through face-to-face events and resources for measuring ROI effectively.

Whether you are requesting MDF from an OEM or distributing it to your channel partners for use, entertaining in a suite provides a forum for connecting with and nurturing impactful partner relationships.

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How are you measuring the ROI of your events? We’ve outlined which metrics you should measure based on your goals.

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Strategically Manage Your MDF

You know you need face time with your customers, but proving a measurable result is harder than ever. Suite Tours provides a platform for guaranteeing quality attendees that is quantifiable to OEM decision makers. We’ll help you select the events that will provide the highest value, working within your budget and timeline and follow through with producing high impact events your entire time will be proud of.

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High Impact Invitation Management

Thanks to Invitation Manager, managing attendees is easy. Our easy to use portal allows you to see how many seats are left to fill at each of your events, and view who has opened your invitation without responding. Built specifically for suite events, Invitation Manager provides all the information your guests need up front, allowing you to better manage the time spent at your event.

Comprehensive ROI Reporting

Have you ever wished for a fly on the wall who could record exactly how the event turned out? The Suite Tours in-suite host is just that! Our dedicated event hosts will run your event from start to finish, including compiling a post event report that details the attendee list, photography and quotes from the event. Demonstrating ROI to your decision makers has never been easier.