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Successful customer acquisition begins with building trust and rapport that facilitates the sales process along. Suite events take your meeting out of the conference room and into a high energy environment where you can talk shop, nurture the relationship and provide a meaningful experience to your prospect.

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Value Your Prospects Time

In a world where much is asked of our time and attention spans grow shorter, suite events allow you to combine a business meeting with an event your guest is already interested in attending.

Concerts and sporting events draw prospects to join you for a two or three hour time span where they can enjoy the event, all in exchange for a brief discussion of how their business may benefit from your services.

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Increase Event Attendance

Suite events with less than 25 guests have a near 100% attendance rate*. With a limited attendance list, guests feel an obligation to attend, or notify you if they are unable to attend. Events with a less than fifty person guest list have an average attendance rate of 75% or higher.

Happy hours and networking events are low commitment, resulting in a high likelihood that your target prospect may be pulled away to another activity. Avoid large event fatigue by targeting your top prospects with live events that drive attendance.

Track and Measure Success

It’s not enough to simply have an event. Measuring opportunities resulting from that event are key to demonstrating your success and growing your business for years to come.

Suite Tour’s Invitation Manager makes it easy to integrate identified pipeline opportunities into your CRM and demonstrate measurable ROI from your event.